What our customers say...

"Sark Point Inc was actually contracted by our local public utilities company to put in a new sewer line, which ran in-between our property and a neighbors. We are really glad that they were chosen. Our driveway was closest to where they needed to do work, so our front lawn became a 3-week-long construction site, back in March 2021. They were very careful about taking things down and/or where they placed things around the property. They even made sure to leave a walkway for us to access the street. And at times, when that was not possible during the day, someone always seemed aware of anyone coming and going from our home. We have an elderly person, in our home, who needed to go out one time, and someone was nice enough to not only ring the doorbell and inform us that the ride was here, but to also assist in crossing the lawn to get to the street. At the end of each day, they not only put up caution tape around the work area, but they also covered up any holes from their on-going work. When the work was complete, they were really efficient, but neat, about the clean-up and putting things back to the location where it all belonged. Any questions we had about what was going on, or the equipment they were using, no one had a problem with answering us, and helping us understand what was going on, or going to happen next. So, even though their contract was not directly with us, they were very polite and courteous to us, about our needs."
~bm bm
"They did a great job for us at our club. Job was to remove broken concrete, regrade, pluck a number of old poles. Good communication, good pricing, good clean up; Nice job all around - thanks guys!"
~Robert Bush
"Good vac truck operator, very efficient and intelligent would definitely recommend."
~Alex Wilson
"Great company to work with quick response to my needs."
"Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value, Very efficient!"
~Yolanda Del Rosario